Why Us / FAQ’s

How Property Around You can help you ?

We help you get the maximum number of option in a given area to choose from thus getting you best product to choose, also assist with insight knowledge about developer, construction history of developer, financial condition of developer, land title, approvals, upcoming development, pros and cons of investment.

How Much Property Around You Charge?

We do not charge any brokerage to our customers, unless it’s a Resale property.

How Property Around You Survive without Charging anything to customer?

We act as a Channel partner or in simple words, we act as a distributor of reputed developer thus assisting them with our marketing and sales support. And in return we get compensated for our efforts.

Will there be any change in Cost sheet from builders if customer involve Property Around you in a transaction?

Yes, in a positive way, we help you get best deals, great discounts and other benefits . How ? as we introduce high  number of clients to developer we stand a better chance to negotiate , get desired inventory and flexibility in payment for our clients. There will be always a Goodwill of property Around you attach to the clients introduce through us.

Will the Opinion of Property Aroud you will be bias or neutral?

Of course Neutral, as we deal with number of reputed developers we share our expert opinion basis on market intelligence we have, So if there is any negative feedback about product we will be the first to inform you. For us Customer interest is More important than the Sale Target!

Why should I involve Property Around you  in transaction ?

Apart from the above listed benefits , we offer you after sale service- generally a property completion takes several years in this period if any dispute take place, property around you will act as a witness to all the terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties. We usually play a role of facilitator to ensure ease in transaction.

Investor Corner

Earn 24% p.a on your investment in property. We have selected Pre launch property where you can earn 24% p.a return on the money invested. It is the quickest way to double your investment. So don't wait get in touch with our property expert on "Contact Us" page we will callback ASAP!!!